Lauri Stufflebeme

SKOAH Facial Shop
1737 W. 34th Street

Working with APEX was, without a doubt, the best part of our commercial buildout at SKOAH Facials. The Dan’s were fair, efficient and friendly throughout our entire experience. We had unexpected challenges (out of APEX’s control), but The Dan’s helped me efficiently mitigate those issues.  Their construction design input brought our vision for our first location to life in a way we never expected. Come see their work anytime!

Jodi Boyd

Brush & Bobby Salon
1737 W. 34th Street

We appreciated The Dan’s transparent communication and always felt confident on changes we wanted to make. They did a great job locating their best trades for our salon’s specific needs.  After success with our first salon, we entrusted Dan and Dan Jr. with our second salon and then later with an extensive residential project. They did a fantastic job rebuilding a 60-year old exterior to meet current standards and code. We couldn’t be more happy to have worked with The Dan’s for over 5 years. 

Robert Schindler

Residential Client

The Dan’s were great to work with.  They fully transformed our backyard to an oasis.  I’m in the commercial construction industry and was impressed with their subs, their scheduling and total honesty throughout our project. They were onsite everyday and helped us work through design dilemmas and material shortages. They took a lot of extra steps I wasn’t expecting and made great use of our timeline.  You want to work with these guys.  

Debbie and Dennis House

Residential Client

We reached out to Dan to get his opinion on an 80- year old iron door we wanted installed in our kitchen. This was no ordinary door and we knew we needed an expert to replace a standard pantry door with a 10 foot, narrow, extremely heavy antique.  He took us through every detail and possible roadblocks given the age and the weight of the door.  The Dan’s worked for 2 full days and exceeded expectations! The reframing, the commercial hinges and paint were all perfect! You’d never know the door hadn’t always been there.  

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